What are the first ideas that come to mind, when you think of constructing your own house? Many times we have amazing ideas and at times we are confused about what to prioritize according to our needs. Through this blog, we aim to assist you with construction and development techniques for your house.

Alright friends, let’s talk building! After all those hours you have spent brainstorming on how to construct your own house but have zero experience of the building. Don’t worry we got you covered.

To make sure your new house fulfills your vision keep in mind these 5 basic hacks given by I Construct My House:

1. Plan your Construction

Building your new house should not be taken lightly. Be present in all the decisions and plans to proceed for the construction of your house. Don’t let your builder decide for you, do your research before assuming the builder will have the best deal. The correct way is to first research the things you want to place and then plan the best way to execute them; because unplanned construction may lead to a severe waste of money.

2. Appoint a Good PMC

Hire a trained Project Manager Consultant (PMC) and demand adherence to your vision. Realize that it is important to have a proper construction foundation system before you invest in materializing your ideas. The PMC will give you a feasible basic structure pulling in all your requirements for the house. Don’t rely on the verbal arrangements to keep things professional.

At I Construct My House, we have a highly skilled team of Project Management Consultants trained to provide end to end project management counseling to help you build your dream house without any hassle.

3. Design as per your need

Don’t let gleaming recommendations from your friends, family or research of the magazines get in the way of adequate and appropriate basics of construction. Watch for things that will help you to build a sustainable house as per your requirement, like family size, budget, if you need a garage or not.

Calculate whether the space you are planning to invest in will be occupied, usable or otherwise. You can also opt for space optimization techniques to place better floor plans provided by I Construct My House.

4. Operational suitability

Operation eligibility and aesthetics are two key factors to have a substantially built house-free of defects and in accord with all the regulations. An easy to maintain and easy to operate structure will provide you the flexibility in the long run and the walls of your house will stay stronger forever. As they say, construction is an imperfect site. It is important to understand the pros and cons related to developing ideas. Once you know the perfect fit of your requirement let’s say it be a wooden flooring or marble flooring or even an idea of placing carpets all over the floor; the choice is yours!

5. Think and Invest in green

Opt for an environment and budget-friendly structure. Suitable construction techniques will help you stay with natural phenomena and budget-friendly choices to save more that will cure in facilitating more for the development of your house. Ideas like: preferring locally available material to cut the transportation cost. Thus, accurate technology for design and construction will reduce the overall cost of the project.

Be it a hot bathtub, jazzy skylights or vintage door hardware, it’s important to do the math yourself in the first place to make informed decisions about your dream house.


All these hacks will help you in the proper understanding of the problems and control these agitated problems related to the construction. It’s never bad to have information about the things you are enrolling for the sustainability of proceeding life. All of the above information tries to comply with the basics and the main aspects of the perfect and accurate techniques used during the construction. In case of any other assistance you can also list your query on: