Emissions Check Services in Las Vegas

Which Vehicles Are Required to Have a Smog/Emissions Test?

In the United States, vehicles are subject to emissions testing if they get registered in a state that requires an emissions test. Some vehicles that require a smog test include hybrid vehicles, gasoline-powered vehicles, and alternative-fuel vehicles from the 1978 model.

Owners of non-exempt vehicles can have their smog testing done at a Smog Check station with the help of emissions technicians who use specialized equipment called dynamometers. Some states require periodic emission tests, while others only require them every two or four years, depending on the vehicle age.

Which Vehicles Are Exempt From Emissions Testing

In the United States, not all vehicles need to have a smog check. Certain vehicles are exempt from emissions testing. These vehicles include electric and hybrid cars, motorcycles, trailers, and RVs. The types of vehicles that are exempt vary from state to state.

What We Offer: $20 Smog Nevada Emissions Check

We offer a $20 emissions inspection for Nevada residents at our smog check location. Our experienced technicians use specialized equipment to test your vehicle’s smoke and gas emissions, as well as its OBD II diagnostic system. By providing a $20 smog check Nevada residents can afford, we can help eliminate some financial barriers that inhibit our ability to be environmentally conscious and promote clean air.

What Results Should You Expect from Your Emissions Test?

After your vehicle is tested, you should expect to receive one of the following results:

• Pass – Your vehicle emits clean air. The smog check technicians will give you your approved emissions testing documents and the green light to go!

• Fail – The emission test has shown that your car emits too much pollution into the air. When this happens, you will need to schedule a retest.

• Retest – If your vehicle fails the first time, don’t panic! The technicians will instruct you on what you need to do before you try again.

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