The Easy Way to Transfer a Vehicle Title in Nevada 

Are you wondering how much it costs to transfer title and plates in Nevada? Or do you just want to learn how the transfer process happens? Or maybe your car title is signed but has never been transferred, what next?

In Nevada, you can complete your title transfer at any local Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles service location. Instead of waiting in a long line outside in the hot sun. Avoid the hassle of multiple trips and come to NV Registration for your title transfer. 

If you want the very easiest way to transfer your title and register your vehicle in Nevada, NV Registration’s DMV services are the way to go. Whether you need a routine title transfer or something a little more complicated, like a salvage or rebuilt title, we can take care of it for you. We can also help if you need a duplicate title. 

How Much Does a Title Transfer Cost in Nevada?

When you purchase a car, the title transfer cost starts at $29.25, but this covers only the transfer of ownership on the certificate of title. You can use the Nevada registration fee calculator to determine the cost of license plates, registration, entire title and sales tax due at the time of application.

What Documents Do You Need to Transfer Your Title to Nevada?

Requirements for a Title Transfer in Nevada

• An application for the vehicle registration

• An original title dated and signed by both the seller and buyer

• The current odometer reading available on the original title

In case you want to sell your car but are unable to find the title, the best option is to apply for a duplicate title before initiating the sale process. This is another service that NV Registration can help vehicle owners with. 

How We Can Help

We understand the challenges associated with title transfer and plates. 

• Getting a Nevada title when you move to Las Vegas from another state

• Duplicate title and registration services

• Certificate of title for salvaged or rebuilt vehicles

Whether you’re relocating to Nevada or already live here and need convenient title transfer services, we can save you a trip to the Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles! We can also help with registration renewal, smog & emissions checks and more. Contact us today!