Also sometimes referred to as a “moving permit,” a movement permit allows you to drive a recently purchased vehicle without tags for a certain period of time. You might also need this type of permit if your Nevada tags are expired, but you plan to move to a different state in a few days and will be registering the vehicle there, so paying for Nevada registration renewal would not make sense. NV Registration helps you save multiple trips to the DMV by professionally verifying all of your documents and assisting you with all of the relevant paperwork.

With a movement permit, you will still be required to have liability insurance and proof of ownership in order to use the vehicle on any public street in Nevada. This type of permit allows you to drive for 10-60 days from the purchase date for a recently purchased vehicle, provided you carry proof that you have a current insurance policy and proof of ownership.

Obtaining the Permit

For vehicles already registered in Nevada, we can still help you get a moving permit if you are unable to clear smog inspection. The online permits are issued to the registered vehicle owner and are only valid for movement around Nevada. For vehicles that are not registered in Nevada, the permit fee is $8.25 per day for each permit.

You could the DMV office with proof of ownership and get the non-commercial moving permit, however due to long lines and extreme weather conditions outside the DMV building it can be challenging for some people to obtain a moving permit. The permits are issued based on the customer’s needs. The DMV also provides a “drive away” permit, which is what you’d use for moving to a different state. It allows you to take a one-way trip with your vehicle from Nevada to a specific destination. 

Commercial Vehicles Above 26,001 Pounds

Vehicles registered by International Registration Plan (IRP) in Nevada do not need a movement permit. Vehicles having a Combined Gross Vehicle Weight of 26,001 pounds and above should get a Temporary Trip Permit and a fuel tax permit before getting to Nevada. 

Commercial vehicles Below 26,000 Pounds

Commercial vehicles based in other states but currently in Nevada for business must get the Nonresident Business Permit. The obtained permit is non-refundable and cannot be transferred. The licenses must be received within 10 days of the start of operations. The Nonresident Business Permit is valid for one year from the date it is acquired.

How to Apply for the Permit

After booking an appointment and physically visiting the DMV offices in Carson City, Reno, or Las Vegas, you can obtain the permit. For the process to take place effectively, you must have the following original documents:

• Present motor vehicle registration and proof of address

• Up-to-date proof of insurance in agreement with the laws of the state of Nevada or your current place of residence

If you don’t want to wait several hours at the DMV waiting in line, let NV Registration handle it for you! Our convenient DMV services include movement permits, registration renewal, smog check, transfer of plates and title, out-of-state registration and more.